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[1] A Formulation and Defense of the Doctrine of the Trinity – by William Lane Craig

[2] The Trinity: A Solution Not A Problem Part 1

[3] The Trinity: A Solution Not A Problem Part 2

[4] Doctrine Of The Trinity – An 8-Part Series With 8 Transcripts

[5] Doctrine of God: Trinity – An 11-Part Series With 11 Transcripts

[6] A Brief Comment On Filiation

[7] The Necessarily Trinitarian Shape of Divine Freedom – or – How It is Impossible to Preserve Freedom in a Doctrine of God Unless Trinity is Priority

[8] A Life Most Divine: Karl Barth and Divine Simplicity

[9] The Trinitarian Basis of Science, by John B. King Jr.

[10] Physics and Metaphysics in a Trinitarian Perspective, by John Polkinghorne

[11] The Biblical Basis of The Doctrine of The Trinity

[12] Frame-Poythress Topics on The Trinity